Man burned himself up outside an establishment in Eleuthera after his lover and him had problems….


Man on fire survived!

Man on fire in Eleuthera last night. He survived.

Governor’s Harbour – Bahamas Press reports that Eleuthera was the community of suicide this morning after a man, who was madly in love with a pineapple gal wanted to take his own life.

The male, who appeared outside an establishment with gas, doused himself with the gas and in calling his girlfriend to come outside; lit himself on fire.

He survived the ordeal but was left in a critical state after being rushed to the local clinic.

One of the nurses who had to be awoken out of her bed to attend to the badly burnt man said, “Why yall out the damn fire mannn? SMT!”

According to the law attempting suicide and failing is a criminal offence.

We report yinner decide!