Man caught stealing boneless chuck steak while the Labour Minister says unemployment is in decline…


Roberts confirms the economy has ran into the ground Thanks to the Minnis Government! People have stopped shopping he says…

Supervalue’s owner and General Manager Mr. Rupert Roberts.

NASSAU| With deep hunger and depression hitting the country a man has been arrested and charged for attempting to steal boneless chuck steak from the Supervalue Food Store on East Street and Windsor Lane.

Marcian Bowe, 32, loves beef and is accused of exiting the store on January 27th without paying for the items. He has denied the charges and will return to court on April 30th if the case comes up.

But get this, Bowe lives deep in Prince Charles and has wondered way in the ghetto to get caught. Well what is this?

Meanwhile Supervalue owner Mr. Rupert Roberts has told the media that sales in his stores have declined by 25%, adding, “They aren’t coming to show off their church hats any more.” Sounds like he needs a weekend Lockdown if you ask us!

And while this unfolds Minister for Labour Dion Foulkes says unemployment has declined! Yea Right! Declined to the point where persons who have not had a stable job in over a year are looking up to see the bottom, while his government is throwing dirt, piss and that other thing on the unemployed! Every man for himself and GOD FOR US ALL!

We report yinner decide!