Staff at Bahamasair pay delayed again as the company violates Covid-19 travel regulations…

Bahamasair new ATR aircrafts.

NASSAU| BP is reporting Bahamasair pay period delayed again. Staff have mortgages and loans which will be late again!

Bahamasair has paid a $1,000 fine for violating COVID-19 travel regulations.

The national airline allowed a passenger to enter the country on December 12, 2020 without having a valid travel visa.

All travelers are required to have a travel visa and a negative PCR test.

The airline’s lawyer admitted the breach when he appeared in court today and paid the fine.

Last week, Captain Theodore Thompson, the CEO of Blessed Aviation Charter, paid $2,600 in fines for breaking several travel restrictions.

Thompson was ticketed on November 23, 2020 for failing to present a negative PCR test when he arrived at Jet Aviation. He also allowed his passengers to travel without a travel visa.

Thompson initially didn’t show up. But he paid the fines after reading The Gallery and learning that an arrest warrant had been issued for him.