Some 30 Casino workers at ATLANTIS have tested positive for COVID19 – TWO ARE IN CRITICAL CONDITION at hospital…

Atlantis Bahamas

NASSAU| Mega resort Atlantis on Paradise Island is going to be declared by BP as a hotspot for COVID19 and we believe something must be done quickly to protect workers and guests at the resort! Someone gata say it!

When Atlantis reopened some 89 casino employees returned for the reopening. Only BP will tell you since that reopening some 30 employees have tested positive for COVID19 and are in quarantine. 

One employee fired from the resort this past week returned with a fake COVID19 negative test and had been mingling and superspreading the virus on the property around guests and workers.

Now get this, since his return two more fellow employees have been admitted to hospital for COVID19 one a loyal and dedicated female Atlantis worker, who is right now listed in critical condition, is fighting for life on a respirator. 

Shouldn’t Atlantis by now – after all these many months – have developed some property testing centre to protect workers and guests? All these months why has that not been done? WHAT IS THIS?

And with all this happening where in da hell is the union? NO ONE PROTECTING THE WORKERS – not the union, not the company and the government is where ya put me!