BPL cuts Fusion Superplex


Well BPL has cut off the power supply of Fusion Superplex for owing a $506,000 lightbill. The disconnecton came dispite the fact that the company has been committed and steadfast to its payment plan.

BPL has demanded that the entertainment business pay off its half a million dollar lightbill dispite the fact that it was the Minnis government which ordered the business to close its doors all these almost 11 months.

WE BEEN TELLING YALL MINNIS DEM ARE BAD FOR BUSINESS. YA SEE IT YET? SUPERVALUE NEVER CLOSED! And right on Paradise Island some hotels have not had a valid business since 2011 and owes BPL a ton a money but yet dey open?

Well If I was yinner Fusion, I would keep the damn place closed til the Government is fired by the Bahamian people!