Minnis wants Sands GONE from the FNM! DOCTORS AT WAR!

PM Hubert Minnis and Duane Sands – Doctors at WAR!

NASSAU| Prime Minister the Most Honourable Hubert Minnis could give his final axe swing on Duane Sands this weekend and send the former Minister for Health into garbage heap to join $28 million ‘thiefin’ Peter and others.

Minnis, who was campaigning looking for the missing Oban Files on Grand Bahama Island this week, is also concerned with Sands recent failure to support the government’s recent legislative agenda.

Sands has been unrepentant in his failure to support the Minnis Government. Sands voted against the extensions to the Emergency Powers twice. He made comments of the Minnis Government bungles in the management of pandemic. And just recently when Opposition Day was being advanced Sands abstained from voting with the government wanted to continue with its legislative agenda. These decisions by Sands to not support the Government will disqualify him in getting an FNM nomination! And BP TOLD YINNER DAT FIRST!

In the eyes of most FNMs Sands has been a rude boy opposing every advances by the Minnis Government just as it is being done by Grand Bahama MP Fredrick McAlpine. If McAlpine cannot get a nomination how could Sands? That’s the question!

PM Minnis will most likely table his reasons for rejecting Duane Sands as an FNM candidate at the next Party Council meeting! Minnis is getting ready to call a snap General Election. And just like others the Texas PR firm will write Sands nomination withdrawal letter for public circulation.

Sands though is still ignoring PM Minnis’ requests to withdraw his application as a candidate for Elizabeth. Last weekend he was up and down in the constituency where he called the residents “GREEDY” flashing victory signs and playing ring play and hopscotch with kids, who have not returned to the classrooms since last year march. Sands say he is the best future for the FNM. But we ga warn him early that a young woman by the name Jobeth Coleby-Davis is about to slew the next Philistine presented by the FNM in ‘Lizzy’.

Go and REGISTER! Transfer if you have moved! It Ain’t LONG NAH!

We ga report, and let yinner decide!