Man charged with death of Brent and Eulona Johnson on Christmas Day…

Scenes from that Christmas Day fatality which claimed the life of Brent and Eulona Johnson.
Alexander Butler, 33,

NASSAU| The man involved in the death of Brent Johnson, 52, and his wife Eulona Dean, 49, on Christmas Day was driving without any valid insurance.

The couple were killed in the car accident around 6pm. Their daughters, who were also in the car having been hospitalized with serious injuries.

Alexander Butler, 33, pled guilty to the charge of driving without a valid insurance but pleaded not guilty to two counts of killing in the course of dangerous driving. He was remanded to prison until the conditions of his bail hearing can be heard.

According to police reports, a burgundy Nissan March was traveling east on West Bay Street when the driver of a black Honda Accord traveling west overtook the vehicle but collided with it.

The third vehicle, a black Chevy Malibu that was also traveling west, also hit the Nissan March in the collision.

One bystander, who called emergency services, described the scene as a “nightmare”.Several people sprung into action to try to assist those injured, including a pregnant woman who was reportedly suffering from a severe leg injury. Johnson and his wife died on the scene.

The charge on Butler came just weeks unlike the charge of, Travis Sawyer, the man who caused the death of four women in the Labour Day fatalities and the injury of scores more back in 2018 on Labour Day. Police took months before Sawyer, who didn’t have a licence nor was he insured on the vehicle at the time of the incident to face justice in the killing of those women. Look what the being in the Lodge and politically connected can do to the good order of a society! BOY I TELL YA!

Brent and Eulona Johnson.

Mr Johnson was well-known for his gelato store Sweet Life in the Mall at Marathon, which he co-owned with his wife who baked cakes and treats, as well as other business ventures.

He owned the Let’s Talk Wireless brand, which had locations on Harold Road, Robinson Road, Marathon Road, Cable Beach, at Solomon’s and even on Abaco.

He also operated a BTC franchise and a Western Union in Old Fort Bay Plaza.

The couple are expected to be laid to rest this weekend.

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