Convicted child rapist Anthony Smith suffered a seizure in his dorm and died at the Department of Corrections…


Sudden deaths continue at Department of Corrections…

Child Rapist Anthony Smith dies in Prison Friday afternoon after suffering a seizure.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting another prisoner has died who was serving some 10 years for the molestation of his girlfriend’s daughters.

We can confirm convicted child rapist, Anthony Smith, suffered a seizure in his in the N Dorm inside Maximum Security on Friday afternoon.

Now you should know Smith was convicted for rape back in 2016 having molested three girls ages six through eight while their mother was off to work daily bring home the food.

Smith was housed in the same dorm as the late Andrew “Yogi” Davis who also died in his cell back in October 28th, 2020 after suffering breathing problems and being denied special food for his health condition. 

Also back on Tuesday January 12th prisoner Charles Cambridge died from breathing complications. Almost nothing was said of his death by the Prison Service. What ya think is happening up at the Department of Corrections?

Almost nothing is being said about these incident in the press, and well, now that we have reported this you will now.

We report yinner decide!