Man charged with the murder of Theophilus Thompson will face the PEOPLE TODAY [Monday]!


Kevin Telusnord, better known as Johnny Telusnord, charged with Thompson’s murder in March!

Nassau, Bahamas — When the Supreme Courts open today, a young man will have to answer the charge of Murder!

Kevin Telusnord, better known as Johnny Telusnord, now 20, is being accused of the murder of a Bahamian architect.

We at Bahamas Press will watch this case closely as the victim, if he were alive today, would be 59.

Theophilus Thompson, then 58, who would have celebrated his 59th birthday on Sunday, was shot multiple times and killed while dropping his girlfriend home on Saturday, March 7.

According to the evidence being presented in court, shortly before 11 pm Mr. Thompson was sitting in his car with his girlfriend in front of her home on Podoleo Street when a group of four or five men armed with handguns opened fire on the home. It is believed a stray bullet hit Mr Thompson.

The suspects then fled on foot in an unknown direction and melted into the night.

With the clock ticking, Thompson tried to drive to the hospital, but crashed a short while later on Montrose Avenue. From there, he was taken to hospital, but later died.

Our question in this case – which has come quickly due to the excellent work by the Attorney General’s Office – is this: Why didn’t the girlfriend drive him to the hospital seeing that he was shot?
We report yinner decide!