Man claims he gave his ex AIDS in hopes to break up her marriage…And the funeral director walks around with a police badge?

Godfery Gray, a 38-year-old Fritz Lane

NASSAU| Bahamas Press wants SUPERCOP PAUL ROLLE to tell us how did Godfery Gray, a 38-year-old Fritz Lane resident, ended up with a police badge issued by the Royal Bahamas Police Force when he is not an officer of the LAW?

Gray was brought to court yesterday and fined $500 after he through social media harassed a woman he claimed to have had sexual relations with and had infected her with HIV. It was later discovered that the claims were untrue and that Gray created the lie in hopes that the husband of the woman would turn on her. Look how satan is working through his vessels.

Gray, who is not a police officer but a funeral director, pleaded guilty to the charge. He was ordered to pay the fine and apologize or face a six-month prison sentence where he could most certainly become infected with a virus.

But we are stuck here: What is this funeral director doing with a police insignia? And he was never charged for impersonating an officer!? WHAT IS THIS!?

This country is not being managed or protected from the lawless! WHAT IS THIS?

We report yinner decide!