Man dies in Ride for Hope in Hatchet Bay Eleuthera

File photo.

Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera

Bahamas Press was in Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera today to participate in two exercises. Firstly, we went there to witness the launch of the Ride for Hope with many of our friends in the cycling world.
The morning event started off well. The rich and poor, black and white all came together to raise money in an effort to fight Cancer. But while riders rode this morning tragedy struck. A cyclist succumbed to a massive heart attack.

Dead tonight is ‘Jink’ McCardy. He never made the finish line and tonight we offer our condolences to his family.

Emerick Knowles

The Ride for Hope is quickly becoming the Ride to Death. Last year newly appointed Queen’s Counsel, Emerick Knowles, suffered a massive heart attack while on the ride and because of the lack of medical equipment on the island, he died. 

We believe the event should be moved to a location where proper medical facilities can be met. If Marathon Bahamas could be held in Nassau City, why can’t Ride for Hope?

Bahamas Press also found it a sad occasion as we lay to rest a decent man of Hatchet Bay, Rev. Carey.

Now he is the father of that political hack name Peter Carey, the only JACKASS in the family. Hey, every family has a true and absolute JACKASS, and Peter is one.

Visible in the church was the incoming Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie.

Unlike his political rival, Christie proves any day he is a forgiving and compassionate man; born with a heart for people. And while Christie was there, the same could not be said for the FNM leadership who is afraid of church like cat avoids water.

All in all Eleuthera was a sad place today. May they rest in peace!


  1. i also believe that it could have been a case where both of the riders just might not have been medically fit to uptake such a daring task. Maybe the organization should make it mandatory for all riders to have medical clearance from a certified physicain before accepting applications.

  2. ‘while i can understand the reason behind the request to have the venue for Ride for hope changed, i believe in moving forward. For sometime now, our out islands have been kept primitive in terms of modernization and development. I believe it is the responsibility of the government, in particular the Minister responsible for health to ensure that the citizens of this country have access to affordable and reliable health services. Even having a medic on the race with proper working equipment like and AED might have saved this man’s life. This death, although sad, has been the plight of many family islanders over the years. Settelemnts are far between, one physicain spread across several settlements and one nurse whose scope of practice is limited…pair this with inadequate, insufficient or absent medical supplies and you have a recipe for disaster.

  3. Has your life been personally touched by cancer in any way, shape, or form? A few years back a man died doing something he loved; rushing at Junkanoo, in the heart of downtown Nassau, just walking distance from the nation’s hospital. Was the location the problem? Was Junkanoo renamed the rush to death? Wake up! Take into consideration the financial boost the ride gives to the local economy on the island, the supporting Bahamian businesses and sponsors that make the ride a success, the encouragement to get people off the couch doing something healthy weeks or even months before the event. Let’s not forget the beauty of the island, its hospitable people and the surrounding waters that you can see for almost the entire route that make this event even much more than just a ride, it’s an experience. The spirit and vision of the ride should not be summed up by your careless statements. I rode this year and I plan to ride every year until the good Lord tells me not to.

  4. BP:

    You have no respect for God or Man,living or the dead.

    You are sick & so are some of the articles you report.

    God will get you for this. You talk about peoples loved ones that are deceased; like you talk about a dead dog in the street. This is so wrong.

    Trust me, you need to repent b4 someone be reporting; “BP Reporter dies of a massive heart attack, while writing one of His/Her uncalled for articles” Now would that death be based on where you sat at the time you were reporting?

    When it’s your time, it’s your time, the POWER of death is in the hands {thankfully} of the Almighty.

    Highly dissapointed!!!!!
    So not called for BP

  5. SOME DAY, BP will wake up and realize that his support for the PLP has cause the PLP to lose the upcoming election, then the contracts that he wants will be gone forever. At least this time we know who BO is, he is not hiding behind that coward site call POTCAKE.

    Poor pathetic soul BP, you need the Lord not the PLP.

    While I am at it, please pay attention to your grammar and spelling, but considering the fact that you could not hold down an editorial job now we know why.

    • And we will also see why the Tribune will cause the FNM an election, AGAIN! Everyone INCLUDING THE FNMs are sick of its political diatribe. But again SAD DAY, you don’t have to come on here and repeat yourself.


  6. It is always unfortunate when BP fails to realize that death of a family member in any fashion is not the business of the media. Mr McHardy died doing what he loved best, it was not the fault of the ride or the organizers only that it was the devine will of God that his time was at hand during the Ride on 9 April 2011. May his soul and the souls of all the faithfully departed rest in peace. Sincere condolences are extended to the whole family, especially Nicole, Jenny and their brothers, may you be comforted in this your time of loss!

    • Criticize us all ya want but the RIDE FOR DEATH must move its venue out of ElEUTHERA! And we will not rest until it is announced to be moved!


  7. Now I read this paper from Florida everyday to see what the hell is going on in the country.some times to laught and some. BUT This article has gone to far to poison this RIDE FOR CANCER events intention. Two seperate families gave ther lives to the greater cause of surviving cancer. My neighbor “Jink” McCardy, whos’ sons and daughters I grew up with just lost an important man in their lives. HOW IN THE HELL YOUR GONNA MENTION MY GRANDFATHER REV. Carey in this same article, who passed in NOVEMBER, 5 months ago. BP Where were you lately when he was well and marching and preaching up and down Eleuthera preaching the word of GOD for 60 years. HIS words of GOD and Peter Carey don’t have nothing to do with eachother. IF your gonna talk about people and their life changing events, make sure you post them in seprate articles.

  8. This is the worst piece of reporting I have ever read.
    1. The event was launched in Governor’s Harbour not Hatchet Bay so I question if you were even there.
    2. Why would you attempt to discredit this event with the remark “Ride to Death”? This is reckless reporting and to be honest I find it in bad taste; particularly to the families of all the riders that have passed. This even is helping countless of persons with the monies they are raising for a disease that has an alarming rate in this country.
    3. I am not a regular of this site but I can honestly see why. Your reporting is pathetic and a true reporter takes responsibility for his/her writing not defend in the manner you are attempting to. You are simply irresponsible and still TRYING to be a reporter. You call it truth, I call it garbage!

  9. I hear u BP, but I feel j need to be more respectful to the family of the deceased man. As far as your name change, that’s a lil bit immature. I was ther and participated in the ride, I would not call a ‘ride for death’. That just insensitive. Come on BP, sometimes, take the political gloves and be nice. U sounding like this uncaring more taxation, money grabeing govement.

  10. bp i think you are so stupid,calling it the ride to death . i was there last year when that man died and it was no fault of the organizers as there was adequate medical equipment onsite, as a matter of fact the ambulance wss there in 2 mins . report things as they happen not as you would want the public to imagine they happened

    • You was there you never told us nor has any member of the press INCLUING ZNS has reported this incident, yet we are stupid for our concerns for people?



      • well tou musse dont read or wtach ZNS , because they did report this last year , and the man did not die on the spot, he was hospitalized after the incident and died a few days later , widely reported in the bahamian media last year

  11. BP can never be depended on reliable and unbiased news. I just read BP to just get some jokes when I can’t get the Punch. People do not take BP seriously, its just a comedy…….nothing is true.

    • Yeah, you right! Ya don’t take us serious but 15 times a day you must come on here to convience yourself of the same. YA HAVE NO DAMN SHAME! GO READ THE TRIBUNE! They does tell ya BP lied about story A on the front page, and then in the Business Section where they know yinner don’t read, they conclude the same what we reported. IN THE SAME DAMN EDITION!

      According to, BP is now the 17th most popular website with hits out of the Bahamas. NO OTHER Local media is more popular.


  12. Gentlemen / ladies,
    The writer of the article and those responsible for editing. Please refrain from negative comments when addressing the dead. It is uncalled for and disrespectful. I understand Carey’s acts, but it does not translate into the terrible name calling of the decease. Note Bahamas press have it’s political view and no one is going around saying they are jackasses….. At least they can respond.. The coward way in which this article was written the decease cannot respond. Gents I understand strong political expressions but leave the dead to their peace.

    • What ill commentary we posted about the dead? Has Peter Carey expired? Please let us know so we can call him an ABSOLUTE JACKASS for a second time!


    • Robert, Jungiliss is a better way to discribe our piece here, and we ain’t apologising one BIT!


  13. Hey you can’t blame the ride for hope committee from what i understand the man had trouble with his heart anyway. Last year he had a heart attack also but didn’t die. I guess it was just his time to go. Also if you was actually in Eleuthera yesterday you would have noticed that they had a number of ambulances riding up and down the island to tend to any medical issues that would have arose. You can’t say move it to Nassau. It was started with the dream of having the riders on Eleuthera and as far as I am concerned it should stay here. I myself witnessed the riders yesterday riders of all ages from the young to the old. If you dont think that you could go the long distance they even have a short route you can take so it is all in an effort to raise money for cancer treatment and prevention.
    Me personally I think yall need to get a life reporting nonsense but anyhow like yall say.

    I report Yinna Decide.

    • THIS IS NOT NONSENSE!!! For a second year someone has died, DROP DOWN DEAD, at this event! The venue in our opinion need to change! there are not proper medical services on the ground in Eleuthera. More than likely the clinic was closed!

      We are appalled by this few opposition to our commentary! Had Emerick Knowles been given immediate proper medical attention last year he would no have died, DOCTORS SAID SO!


      • So basically you’re saying that if they move the event to nassau, if such a situation occurs they’ll receive the proper medical attention? Why not have those who can assist if an accident to occur on the island around that time?

        How hard is that? Let dr. so and so go and if someone trying to make their maker early, there’s help waiting to bring em back from “the white light”

  14. What a disgraceful article! Politics into everything! Incoming PM – what a nerve! And all along with the fantastic effort for the Ride for Hope. You the writer are disgusting to say “for death”.

  15. @ BP: How could you mention the death of Mr. McCardy and talk about what a jackass Peter Carey is in the same article? Not to mention the other nonsense about PC.

    That is beyond disrespectful.

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