Man found dead in Grove woman shot-up inside a vehicle in Fox Hill


The second person to drop down dead in the street in the Grove area in just over a week!

Man drops down dead on Cordeaux Ave.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is following a drive-by shooting in the community of Fox Hill where we are told a vehicle pulled up alongside another and opened fire on the occupants.

A female was shot multiple times as the other vehicle escaped the scene. We cannot confirm the condition of the female who was taken to hospital.

Police are also investigating the scene of a suspicious death in the area of Cordeaux Ave. near Prince Lock and Key.

The male was found unresponsive late this afternoon and by the time police and EMS arrived, he was pronounced dead on the scene. There are incidents of deep hunger and depression unfolding in and around the Grove Community and the Minnis Government has yet to confirm where the $16 million food assistance programme is being distributed.

Last week an employee of Resorts World Bimini, Savetra Johnson, who returned to the capital following the closure of the resort on the island of Bimini, collapsed and died in the street – 5th Street Coconut Grove near Poinciana Ave.

We report yinner decide!