Man found dead on First Street in his liquor store from MONDAY NIGHT and police have yet to tell yinner – RIP GERALD COAKLEY….

file photo

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is following the death of Gerald Coakley. He was a liquor owner in the Grove who was found dead in his extended warehouse on Monday evening.

Police had little to say about the incident and BP is just getting around updating you on the suspicious death.

All we know is that on Monday night police showed up on First Street The Grove (where all that murdering has been taking place recently) and discovered the body of Coakley in the store. Was there visible signs of injury to the body? WE DON’T KNOW! What gone down … police refuse to say. What is the secret here!

This must be the only country in the world where a dead shop owner is found and nothing said. WHAT KINDA FOOLISHNESS IS DIS?

Was it a homicide? We ga find out and get back to yinner….

We report yinner decide!