Man gunned down in Sapodilla Boulevard community…


Victim’s body played with by spectators.

Victim on the ground.
Victim on the ground.

Nassau, Bahamas — After days of silence on the streets of the capital police this afternoon recorded another fatal homicide in the Sapodilla Boulevard community, just across the streets of Sour Sop Park.

A man was shot to death early this afternoon with no traces to the cause of the incident.

Following the shooting a mourning community could be heard screaming; walking over the dead man’s corpse and even some apparently placing some items and then removing them off the body as cameras rolled. One persons at the scene crossed the legs of the victim while another chanted some words over the body. WHAT IS THIS?

Police have no suspects in this latest homicide but appeal to the public to step forward if they have any information in this latest incident.

We report yinner decide!



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