Man shot dead by off-duty police on Boxing Day at Woody’s Bar!

Azario Major, 31, shot dead by off-duty police on Woody’s Bar on Sunday night.

NASSAU| Another man was shot dead on Sunday night by off-duty police officers at the Woody’s Bar on Fire Trail West. Police say the incident unfolding after 8pm.

Now police released a report which made absolutely no sense according to relatives and suggested that victim Azario Major, 31, was at the establishment, engaged the off-duty officers, left and then returned twice, but the second time he was fatally shot dead by the officers.

Major suffered multiple gunshot wounds and one hitting him in the head. Now BP never got this update on Sunday and today is Wednesday. We understand something believed to be a weapon was held by major, however, police never confirmed that any weapon was ever found. What is this?

Family of Major would like to see the video footage which has also vanished from the establishment. Why? What is dis?!

BP was to visit the bar over the holidays but after this incident – YINNER COULD FORGET IT!

We ga report and let yinner decide!