Man shot dead this morning was recently released from prison!


Homicide victim #17 shot dead is Edward Charles of Dignity Gardens #3

27-year-old Edward Charles of Dignity Gardens #3 is homicide victim #17.

BP BREAKING| BP has now identified that 17th homicide victim on Lazaretta Road off Carmichael Road west this morning.

The victim is 27-year-old Edward Charles of Dignity Gardens #3. According to sources, the deceased was seen alive around 7:50 am Sunday morning and sometime around 8:00 am, (2) gunshots were heard and later residents found the victim at the same location where his body was discovered.

Police inquiries suggest a man known only “Mondre” – from the same area -was in a physical altercation with the deceased. Police are now in search of this suspect.

Charles, we can report, was recently released from prison and is the second ex-prisoner to be shot dead for the week.

What is this? Now we would put down $1,000 that the police issued a statement on this murder today. The first release to the press since Wednesday.

We report yinner decide!