Man Shot to death on Deliverance Way early this morning – Murder Climbs to 109


BP posts the 15-year-old, Richa Gibson. The victim is a student of the C. V. Bethel High School.

Nassau, Bahamas — Within 36 hours in the capital some four persons have lost their lives at the hands of another, murdered off the earth, as the crime crisis continues to grip the nation.

Hours after the celebration service of the 40th anniversary of the Free National Movement at the Voice of Deliverance Cathedral in Malcolm Allotment East a murder has been recorded on the same street.

We can report sometime before 2am this morning a young man was gunned down in the area. Sources tell us that hour, a male was shot to death multiple times by a lone gunman upon his arrival home.

The victim was entering his resident located on DELIVERANCE WAY, off MALCOLM ROAD, when the gunman opened fire on him hitting him several times in the upper body. BP is not sure if this was another incident where the victim was a crown witness. Contract killings to witnesses have taken a turn for the worse in The Bahamas. What we do know it this; the incident records the 4th murder here in the capital in less than 36 hours.

Tommy Turnquest, Minister of National Security.

The murder count now stands at 109 incidents for 2011. Another record recorded.

The Ingraham government has announced an amnesty period for all holders of illegal guns. The Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham last week called for all criminals to turn in their guns or face spending a minimum of four full years in prison without bail or parole. Police say some 18 weapons have since been turned in, however, the violent gun crimes have continued to increase.

The murder count climbed to 107 over the weekend when sometime after 9am on Saturday a student of the C.V. Bethel high school experienced her gruesome death by the hands of her father.

BP reports the victim in that incident to be, Richa Gibson. Her father following an argument over her Jamaican-born boyfriend allegedly stabbed the 15-year-old fatally in the neck. The incident took place at the family’s Sunshine Park home.

Eyewitnesses to the incident tell us as the young woman packed her bags to leave the house, her father allegedly attacked her with a kitchen knife.


  1. A nation that speaks of GOD and shows very little demonstration of His Love to their fellowman. This man shot to death on a path called Deliverance Way says alot.The Bahamas has become indeed a battle ground for the forces of dark energies to take lives.
    Since 2010 the murder rate has increased with bloodshed with the crime phenomenon having a possible root cause in a trip to China where rituals were partaken unaware or knowingly at a price for a bridge, a stadium and relations with a super power. The ancient Chinese are known to have made sacrifices of young men and women to river deities, and to have buried slaves alive with their owners upon death as part of a funeral service. This was especially prevalent during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties. During the Warring States period, Ximen Bao of Wei demonstrated to the villagers that sacrifice to river deities was actually a ploy by crooked priests to pocket money. In Chinese lore, Ximen Bao is regarded as a folk hero who pointed out the absurdity of human sacrifice. The sacrifice of a high-ranking male’s slaves, concubines or servants upon his death (called Xun Zang 殉葬 or more specifically Sheng Xun 生殉) was a more common form. The stated purpose was to provide companionship for the dead in the afterlife. In earlier times the victims were either killed or buried alive, while later they were usually forced to commit suicide.
    Funeral human sacrifice was abolished by the Qin Dynasty in 384 BCE.[citation needed][dubious – discuss] Afterwards it became relatively rare throughout the central parts of China. However, the Hongwu Emperor of the Ming Dynasty revived it in 1395 when his second son died and two of the prince’s concubines were sacrificed. In 1464, the Zhengtong Emperor in his will forbade the practice for Ming emperors and princes. Human sacrifice was also practised by the Manchus. Following Emperor Nurhaci’s death, his wife, Lady Abahai, and his two lesser consorts committed suicide. During the Qing Dynasty, sacrifice of slaves was banned by Emperor Kangxi in 1673.

  2. It’s sad when a humble son can be gun down for protecting his mother against an abusive ex prison officer who is in the lodge. And the gunman feels he is protected. But may that mother, child’s blood cry out from the ground and justice prevail.

  3. It’s sad when a humble son can be gun down for protecting his mother against an abusive ex prison officer who is in the lodge. And the gunman feels he is protected. But may that mother, child’s blood cry out from the ground and justice prevail.

  4. We as a people always blame the government for the crime rate in our country but lets remember what the bible says UNLESS MY PEOPLE WHICH ARE CALLED BY MY NAME SHOULD HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS THAN , THAN WILL I HEAL THE LAND , so no matter what the government does or which government is in power our land will not be healed until we repent . Repent Bahamas then will our God heal our land

  5. We don’t have anyone in this country who knows how to curb or solve the mystery surrounding the murders of our citizens. Was this country and its people sold for money and therefore the devil is claiming his property?????

  6. National Day of prayer by this administration (FNM) shortly thereafter 7 murders (bear in mind we didn’t have any for about a month; stand to be corrected) now this same administration 40th anniversary church service yet another murder on the same street where the church is located.

    • Hubert Ingraham has sold the Bahamas to the Devil to win the 2007 election. The blood of our people are crying out to be free from this demon. Wake up people do you’ll remember that the FNM Shirts were made in Haiti. The promises that he made to them, its now pay back time. LET US REMEMBER THAT THE BAHAMAS WAS FOUNDED ON CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES AND NOT DEMONS. THIS IS PRAYING TIME. YOU BETTER COVER YOUR HOUSEHOLD. BLOOD IS FLOWING.

      • Sherry!!

        You really believe that the nation is the way it is because of t-shirts being made in haiti? O please give me a break the word of God says “If my people” hubert could have sold the world to the devil he has no power over no ones soul. Every man to his own. The word of God says the heart of the king is in the Lords hand, and promotion comes not from the east or west but it’s from God. God allowed Hubert Ingraham to be prime minister in the Bahamas, not some t-shirt. The country is the way it is because God’s people stop praying so now we are straying. Repentance is what the Land needs not pointing fingers at The prime minister. Time to turn to God all, that’s for all of us.

      • Agree with you and the other person. Obeah is very real. I know it from witnessing it. I really believe that man asked the dark forces themself to win again and with him at the helm–look at the island. Like a hellish island surrounded by water. We have the devil right here. The screams of the people. Only thing missing is the fire. 109 murders!

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