Man stabs boyfriend of secretary of Yellow Elder Primary School!


Still no metal detectors in schools as promised by Minnis Government!

Live scenes from that stabbing at the Yellow Elder Primary School today. Watch video below.

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is reporting another school stabbing this time between a secretary and her boyfriend.

BP reports a stabbing at Yellow Elder Primary School this afternoon.

Reports are that a secretary’s boyfriend arrived at the school to pick her up when a male, who appeared to have followed him, approached him and stabbed him repeatedly in the head and upper body,

Police from nearby Grove Police Station rushed to the scene but the culprit had already escaped the compound.

The victim has been rushed to the hospital via a private vehicle. His condition is still unknown.

In the video below it is believed that the man in the blue shirt was punching the other guy only to realize he is stabbing him multiple times.

Where were the security for the school and what ever happened to the metal detectors to be placed in schools for security as promised by the Minnis Government on the campaign trail?

We report yinner decide!