Man who celebrated his 30th birthday Sunday is found murdered Monday on the anniversary of his mother’s death!


Latest homicide victim is Henrick Claser found dead in his home with multiple wounds about the upper body…

The body of the victim taken from the crime scene

Victim found dead in his home…

Nassau, Bahamas – Police recorded another bloody homicide in the country Monday morning, this time in the Southern section of New Providence.

Police we can tell you are seeking the public’s help in solving this latest incident.

Just shortly after 10:00am, police received a report that a man was found dead at his residence located at Nairn’s Gardens off Cowpen Road.

Upon arrival at the scene, they met the lifeless body of 30-year-old, Henrik Claser, aka “Trigger” with multiple wounds to the upper body.

He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Claser had just celebrated his 30th birthday on Sunday and had taken Monday morning off to mark the occasion according to a relative. He was a construction worker.

Today his relatives also remembered the death of the victim’s mother.

No one knows why, how or who may have killed the victim, and police have not said whether Claser was known to police or is before the courts for any pending matters.

We report yinner decide…Christie Regime Celebrated Murder Records…

Well what in the HELL WE HAVE HERE - Members of the PLP are on national TV tonight saying members of the MEDIA and "OTHER FORMS" of social media - das us - seems to take delight in flaming this fire of discontent within communities when it comes to crime and violence. THEY FORGET! Here is a PLP Cabinet Minister and a member of the soon OUTGOING party - Celebrating murders in the country! Check out this big grin on this BIGTIME PLP FACE! And so we at Bahamas Press remind members of the Christie Regime how they themselves celebrated - while sons and daughters of the nation were being slaughtered in the country before May 7th, 2012.... They posted signs all across the country to record that fact that crime was way out of control under Ingraham Regime. Posted below Bahamas Press shows some of the murdered men in the last few days...