Man who stole money from the former GG is now teaching school students? WHAT IS THIS?


Is Rolle jr. Retained by the Ministry of Education and if yes how much are we paying this THIEF?

Cameron Rolle Jr. after admitted to stealing $50,000 from Arthur D. Hanna – former GG of the Bahamas- has been invited to organize a programme in the Ministry of EDUCATION. He is shown here speaking at C. I. Gibson on November 5th, 2018.

Nassau – The Ministry of Education has now invited a man who admitted to stealing some $50,000 from a former Governor General to campuses around the country.

Fired Bank of the Bahamas teller Cameron Rolle Jr. admitted to stealing over $50,000 from former Governor General A D Hanna over a six-month period, and must pay over $9,000 a year until the debt is settled.

You will remember how Bahamas Press was the first to report how, between October 17, 2016 and April 16 of this year, Rolle stole the GG’s money taking advantage of the elderly and highly respected statesman in the country.

In April, Rolle Jr, of Golden Gates, was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Rolle Davis on 27 counts of stealing by reason of employment, which alleged he stole some $49,600 from Mr Hanna over six months. He made a plea deal to pay the funds back. The bank’s attorney disagreed with the plea deal and argued that a significant portion should have been repaid as the funds were on the teller’s bank account.

Cameron Rolle jr fired BOB bank teller charged with stealing fund from Former GG Arthur Hanna.
Now this is serious because the banker just moved the money from the GG’s Account into his and yet it was being argued as to whether the bank had any authority to return the funds. We find this incredible! But here’s the heart of our story.

“Sticky fingers” Rolle has now set up a youth programme to engage young people and – get this – has been invited by Jeff Lloyd’s Ministry of Education to involve schools in this programme.

Bahamas Press wonders what could Rolle be teaching ‘churrin’ in the Department of Education Schools? We wonder if he is now being paid by Education to talk to students who need to know that STEALING IS A CRIME?

You must wonder how is this being allowed by the Ministry? This is incredible!

We report yinner decide!

Birds of a feather do FLOCK TOGETHER!

You gata wonder how fired banker Carmeron Rolle jr. got access into Government House at the invitation of the FNM even after stealing thousands from the former GG. Like what is this?

Cameron Rolle Jr. shown here just a few weeks ago in C. V. Bethel speaking with students. We ga say again what kinda message are we sending to young people? YOU STEAL MONEY AND GET AWAY? WHAT IS DIS?!