Marvin Dames should hang his head in shame!

Minister for National Security Marvin “Butter Me Up” Dames.

Dear Editor,

Dames should be quite ashamed of himself with his political charade.

Do you really expect Bahamians to respect you Dames? You were there when Halson Moultrie was wrong and deemed right. You were there at the OBAN fake signing, you and your partner sitting side by side.

And now the Frank Smith case. It was good that Ellsworth Johnson, who was critical of the spy bill then stood on the house floor and passed it, to take you to the bathroom.  Perhaps all that was needed was a bowel movement.

Dames is falling apart at the seams. The devil is making him angry.


Birdie Strachan


  1. A letter with absolutely no substance. If you gonna write critical pieces at least be more in-depth.

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