Masonic Blood to Flow On Cable Beach As Cuthroat Lodge Gears Up for Convention – PART I

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon Brent Symonette, receives an award from the Most Worshipful Grand Master Carl Culmer.
A few months ago BP gave you a small mouthful of what was going on behind the walls of a Lodge on Blue Hill Road. We are told it wet your appetite so we decided to full your belly this time.
Some time next week the Lodgewill be in Convention at Crystal Palace out West. As elections for Grand Master etc will be held, present Grand Master, Carl Culmer and his Merry Men are busy trying to secure votes for his cousin Stafford Culmer to ease in the spot of Grand Master. Grand Master Carl has strategically kicked out and suspended all those who might have given some opposition. Rules of the Lodge clearly state that no one is to campaign, however, rules according to Carl Culmer are that no one but Carl Culmer and his Merry Men are to campaign. Yes, BP learns alot from sitting in Topaz “invisible”. Plenty Lodge meetings are held right under the very nose of BP.

Well lets update you on what has been going on.

Grand Master Carl Culmer is now shamelessly handing out free Masonic degrees and honors to men who can hardly stand up, much less walk, just in order to get them to vote in his direction come next week. Young brothers are being fast tracked in the Order just to give their allegiance to the Grand Master who is known to be as dumb as a door nail . We understand that he went on a dumb witch hunt to find out who broke news to BP all the time BP has been walking beside him all the way. People are saying Culmer was never qualified for his job at BTC but moved up the corporate ladder by stabbing everyone in their backs. He is sweating bullets because BTC, now owned by foreigners, will soon see no reason to have this unqualified, back-stabbing, news toter around.

The Grand Master’s puppet Master, Grand Junior Warden Kendal Braithwaite, a double-crossing, tricky, Trinidadian, is angry because the entire Bahamas now knows that he held a gun on his wife for her to sign divorce papers. BP has been reliably informed of yet another incident with this Grand Bully. Apparently the Grand Junior Warden was dating a girl at Commonwealth Bank where he works and his wife found out and confronted him about it. She came to the bank after hours and was let in by the friendly security officer who knew her. She went to her husband’s office and caught him French kissing the girl banker who was on his lap. There was a big break down and Brother Ken ran out the building and came back with his gun and ordered his wife off the premises threatening to “shoot her IN her ***” if she didn’t leave.

The girl banker eventually got a job elsewhere and had a bouncing baby girl for Brother Ken who monetarily supports the child heavily but refused to sign the birth certificate for fear of his girlfriend Nadia Newry finding out. Nadia is one of the heads of the female side of the Lodge and has been put under heavy manners by Braithwaite, a known woman beater. Braithwaite can be seen on any given evening sitting alone at a popular spot at Fish Fry where he gets stoned, cold drunk and talks to himself because the one thing in life he wants he cannot achieve. He wants to be Worshipful Master of a Lodge and has been repeatedly denied this position because he is mean spirited, has nasty, tricky, Trinidadian ways and no one likes him.  Braithwaite feels his money can buy his way through Free Masonry and the brothers wont have it.

However, Grand Master, Carl Culmer, for some reason is willing to move heaven and earth to please this particular gun-toting Merry Man in his Cabinet. Could it be the fact that Braithwaite is the chief financier of Culmer in the Lodge? Culmer picks weak brothers and Brother Ken buys their loyalty with his so-called long dollars.

Many brothers say all the disharmonious problems being created has Braithwaite at the root. He is said to be very wicked, even on his job. He has single-handedly destroyed and attempted to destroy the careers of several Masons who worked at Commonwealth Bank with him simply because they out-qualified him and Brother Ken must be on top of everyone. He was heard drunkenly bragging on the steps of the Lodge’s building saying, Erald Thompson, is next on his list.  Besides being wicked on the job and in the Lodge, Brother Ken is also wicked to his family. His father is dying of prostrate cancer and Brother Ken has not spoken to him in years. Not even Fathers Day softened this tricky Trinidadian’s heart. He doesn’t even speak to his own son either because the boy has braids in his hair and a child out of wedlock. Who is Brother Ken to talk when he hatching children all around this place. Well BP will hold its tongue on that one cause we not ready to let the other cat out the bag right now.

The District Deputy Grand Master James Hutheson is breathing a sigh of relief because the BP article is now a fading memory in his wif’e’s head – until today of course. BP understands he could not come out of the house for a few days after we unleashed his dirty little big-bongeyed secret. The Dirty Mexican Hutcheson, however, carried on his sweethearting lifestyle by continuing his sordid affair with Linda Moxey-Brown, Director of Culture who is also a sister in the Lodge. Now the hapless Hutchie (as he is called) had his wings temporarily clipped the other day to the point where not even Red Bull could help him. He was in the Lodge building wielding his Masonic ax and trying to put the fear of hell in young brothers all the time Lady Number Three was down stairs bashing the windows to his jeep to teach him a lesson. She asked him for a ride earlier that day and he told her “no”. She caught a ride with a co-worker and while in traffic, to her surprise, she saw Moxey-Brown sitting up in the front passenger seat of his jeep, with the seat reclined and her arm on the back of his chair.

Mystery Lady Number Three lay waited the vehicle and dealt with him/it while he was showing off his skin in the Lodge building. Brother Hutchie was so damn shame when he came down stairs he was hollering like a woman, “Dey break in my car!! Dey break in my car!!” Soon after it was discovered that nothing was missing from the vehicle. Hmmmmm!

Stay tuned! There will be more juice flowing on this Lodge. For the record, BP will be in Topaz tonight, invisible again with the cup catching all the juice.


  1. BP you must be a member…how you gettin’ all this info? But you describe Ken spot on….always thought he was God’s gift to women and very wicked and nasty. BP…you need to find out what a family member of his is doing at another bank …they all vicked – but every rope has an end…some just longer than others!

  2. My My it is so much going on in this land and you only have time to sit down and type out what is going on in the lodge. Get a life!!!! SO WHAT WHO CARE WHO DO WHAT IN THE LODGE,check out the persons who are bringing you the news from inside the lodge WHAT ARE THEY HIDING???????

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