Mass Drowning of Haitians just off Exuma




George Town, ExumaBahamas Press tonight has news out of Exuma, which many will find highly disturbing.

The information we can report comes from that part of the Bahamas off Exuma where the Haitian vessel was captured last week.  At the time, we were not told all of the story.

Illegal Haitians making the voyage are the only ones with the facts, but what some tell us confirms that there are serious dangers at sea.
The vessel was reportedly apprehended with 56 persons. However, according to survivors, the vessel actually carried over 250 persons.

Bahamas Press has learnt some 200 plus voyagers died at sea, drowned.

We can confirm that nothing about the deaths was reported in the press, nothing was reported of the bodies that were left out at sea.
Details of the horrific sea voyage were told to a number of Immigration contacts who interviewed survivors.

We have learnt members of the Haitian community in Georgetown, who were awaiting their relatives, are highly upset over the tragedy.

Immigration sources have also reported to BP that another Haitian boat capsized off Williams Town days before Christmas. This boat was coming from Nassau heading towards Haiti with four crew members and loaded down with groceries, TV, fridge, stove, a bus and a truck.

Today, that vessel is still stuck out at sea with nobody on board. Exumians tell us the vessel is an eyesore in the beautiful picturesque Williams Town area.

Bahamas Press also has a story from the island where we can report a clergyman was caught with his pants down on Christmas Eve. That update will come on BP soon.



  1. ms kim sand! are they your cuz? sound like you are catchin feeling. we who is bahamian can,t take care of are own jude them, you can go to with them or stay bahamian for life.

    • Stephanie, why you want go there? I don’t have to be a Haitian to have feelings for them. It doesn’t matter whatever nationality they were that drowned, I would have said the same thing, that’s just my nature to have feelings for others. They are not animals you know, they are humans just like the rest of us and when you look at it we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, so in some way we are all connected. Try to understand where I am coming from, I don’t expect our government to spend our monies to burry them, because they put themselves in that predicament and they are already placing a heavy burden on this country as it is and some of them are the most ungrateful people you will ever meet on the planet. All I am saying they could have at least acknowledged the fact that some of them may have drowned just out of consideration as fellow human-beings. When they are here they using them for votes, cheap labor and sex. Even some of our politicians sweet-hearting with them and driving around with them in their cars. So would think they would at least pay some respect to the ones that might have died. That’s all I am saying.

  2. it just haitian against there own blood.haitian get cooperation problem and dont know how to cooperate .ONLY God could help dem

  3. Its not anyone fault their country is corrupt. Haiti is a very rich country. Screw them let em die!We should hang them. Look at what happening to the USA there is no culture left. Listen to KB (Bush mechanic).

  4. The Lord protecting our borders. Drown every dam one, and the dam captain too.

    They need to bring back my boy Scavulla, cus this piece a chit who running the defense force mussy half hyshin heself or half retarded or a lil bit of both. We gats the King on our side.

  5. The Bahamas need to coordinate forces with the Turks and Caicos in combating this illegal immigration problem. Authorities need to subscribe to Google earth in real time to monitor the high seas.

    Put surveillance cameras on those outlying islands.

  6. My heart goes out to those people who drowned at sea and I realize how bad they wanted to get out of Haiti, but this aint no time for them to be doing foolishness, that water out there is dangerous right now for them to talk about they traveling on sloops to come here. That water out there is rough and on top of that its too cold, I am on land and I could hardly deal with this weather. I have to cover up with two blankets and keep sipping on some hot chocolate just to try and keep warm and they out there on that high sea in this weather. Trust me, it aint that serious. While I sympathize with them, I feel they need to be using better judgment. Anyway, if that’s the way they want it, then they will just have to pick their medicine and decide if they want to live or die. Right now, I am wondering why our government didn’t say anything about this and why they kept this under wrap. I understand the fact that they were coming here illegally; but that’s regardless to the point, those people are still human-beings and they could have at least acknowledged the ones that might have died. I can see how they could act like nothing happened and like those people lives was meaningless and go about their businesses as usual. The thing what gets me about this, you wouldn’t want to see if those people did make it here safe they would have been right there trying to get some of them sorted out to register to vote and using them for cheap labor and sex. This life is really something else .

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