Mass exodus by RBDF Marines due to the poor leadership of Commodore KING!


Another King coverup at the RBDF… 

Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) Commodore Raymond King

NASSAU| Commodore Raymond King continues to cover up truths that point to his poor wutless leadership on the RBDF. When it’s not his senior officers causing scandal related to theft, failure (breaking up the boats), or sexual harassment, it’s his poor personal choices and conduct. 

Recently, it has come to light that officers and mostly marines are leaving the organization by the scores. This reflects poorly on King and speaks to the lack of confidence the marines have in him and his team at the helm. 

King has ceased circulating the large list of names that leave daily. It is a military protocol to publish the names in the interest of National Security. That way, officers who have left should not have the same privileges as those still in service.  Additionally, the country is supposed to know who’s left the RBDF. 

WUTLESS King is embarrassed by the mass exodus and it’s the reason for him hiding this information from executives and teams on the force. Further, the Defence Act clearly states that resigned and retired marines are to be formally discharged via discharge certificate. When last did that happen?

However, King has not issued these now overdue certificates before January! WHAT IS THIS?! This impacts the former marines’ future employment status as companies would not hire them knowing it is illegal to hire a serving member of the RBDF. This affects the financial security of many marines and their families. 

It’s clear…..King don’t care about anything except about his image to the public. 

The government has released COP P. Rolle. King must be next!!

But we ga keep report and let yinner read and decide!