Mass resignations inside the Office of The Attorney General! Lawyers show serious concerns inside the AG’s office!

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Senator the Hon. Carl Bethel (centre right) .

NASSAU| Carl Wilshire Bethel is now proving to be the worst Attorney General in the history of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Bahamas Press is learning morale is at an all time low inside the legal department of the Government where multiple resignations have followed since Bethel assumed the post.

We can tell you some 11 prosecutors at the OAG have resigned and, come January, notices have been served in the Human Resources Department and another batch is expected to leave the Office.

“Staff is fed up here in the OAG with serious allegations going without investigations. Promotions have dragged, leaving many competent teams overworked, overlooked and overwhelmed. The mass exodus by prosecutors has caused a serious deficiency inside and we could possibly see for the first time in the history a collapse in the quality of prosecutions within the country. Change must come or we can face a dangerous collapse,” a source has confirmed.

Some of those who left the prosecutions department are; Ambrose Armbrister, Viola Barnett, Fania Joseph, Racquel Whymms, Al-lleecia Delancey, Bradford McKenzie, Antania Taylor, Darrell Taylor, Anya Allen, Maria Willie and Basil Cumberbatch. Both Cumberbatch and Whymms have moved to the civilian side and are no longer prosecutors. All others have left the office completely.

BP is watching these developments closely as one prosecutor left serious language in the resignation letter, which questioned the credibility and competence of the leadership at the OAG.

We told yinner Carl Bethel is unfit for leadership at the OAG. He allowed two African lawyers to be appointed to office at the OAG, overlooking qualified Bahamians, all to find out recently that both Africans could not practice at the Bahamian courts. How ya think Bethel missed that?! A Q.C.!

The nation found out recently what BP knew months ago how two African lawyers were struggling and fighting to understand how our system works and had not had permission to practice – and yet – Bethel had them working in the OAG! What is this?

Anyway, the Bahamas Bar finally rejected their application to practice and we know why! Do you? We ga say it again – Carl Bethel, who was sacked from Hubert Ingraham Cabinet before, is UNFIT TO SERVE as the Attorney General in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas!

We report yinner decide!