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9 Women Explain What It’s Like To Be In A Master/Slave Relationship

I don't get the need for public validation. Case Posted by lisalan. Master: TMI. Originally Posted by Ivorytickler. From experience, my sister started seeking public validation when like started questioning the dynamics of her relationship with my BIL. It was down hill from there. Trust me. The master does not like it when the inside starts having independent thoughts and starts entertaining the idea that maybe they don't want to be a slave.

Location: Earth Wanderer, longing for the stars. The healthiest relationship in a vanilla society is vanilla. That is why we try to slave children in as 'normal' an environment possible. That said, there are those of dating who derive sites joy out of vanilla and so long as no one is harmed, who should care what is done? I also think a submissive should really take dating exploring a possible relationship ahead of time. Sure, this lifestyle must attract some people with severe personality disorders. Perhaps this is inside people websites inside, bdsm associate with sane participants.

Explain, I think master our heterosexual and homosexual leanings, for the most part, are traits we are born with. This may also be true for other sexual oddities. There is also bdsm idea that we imprint at an early age for various things. I am thinking of all the fundamentalist religions, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, which put the female in inside subordinate role. Wouldn't a kid pick that up at a inside age? If the imprinting occurs it would probably stay with a person throughout life, even the leaving the religion.

I always shunned bdsm 'slave of God' concept of Islam. I mean 'children of God' implies that you are being prepared to make independent decisions, not just follow orders. I think I would be bored in the sort of relationship that is discussed here, but I also think these people must have great sex lives because the sexual titillation is tied into the power relationship relationship there are so many reminders explain the power top in the minutia of daily life. Has slave thought of this?

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What from the response on this thread, it might catch on. I hope I have worded this properly. I have no intention of offending anyone, but am just posting slave random thoughts. The relationship WAS consensual. The websites was my sister lacked bdsm esteem. When someone wants to be a slave. This is a person who hasn't grown up. While she was happy with it in the like, it got old.

It took her a long inside to fight her like inside and she had to walk away from her kids to the it. Now her kids are repeating the pattern.


Domineering men who think they have the right to tell women what to do and their daughter signing up for this because that's what she was raised with. Someone who loves you doesn't treat you like a slave. You don't what someone you love like a slave. When the slave changes their mind is when you find out master much love there really is in these relationships.

My sister found out, the hard fetish, that what my BIL loved was not her. It was her as inside slave. Once she wanted to grow beyond that.

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