McCartney says Ingraham and Christie has had their time of ‘FAILED’ LEADERSHIP!!!


DNA leader wants new leadership in the country!

Branville McCartney

It’s sad that we hear that our current Prime Minister says he will stay if his counterpart and former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham return. This confirms that the Prime Minister’s intention was to retire during this term or at the end of this term. What does this say about politics in this country? How does such a sad state of affairs reflect on us as a people?

Mr. Ingraham had his time and Mr. Christie’s time is due and yet they cannot release their grip on power. Why is this? You have to wonder!

Mr. Ingraham repeatedly, time and again, said he would run for two terms and two terms only! What happened? He completed a third and now wants a fourth? Words from the past uttered, “no one woman can born a Prime Minister”!

Mr. Christie publicly stated that if re-elected he would hand the reins of power to a successor midway through this his second term. Not only has he gone back on his word but appears now ready to play more games with our future because his friend and business partner is threatening to return. We cannot afford the games these men are playing with our nation to continue. What happened to “building a bridge to the future”?

There seems to be a collaboration between these two men – political opponents, business partners and friends – to continue to stagnate the progress and growth of our beloved Bahamaland. They are two-sides of the same coin and we cannot afford their back and forth games – it’s embarrassing to our country.

We know what Mr. Ingraham has offered in the past and we see what Mr. Christie is now doing to this country. No right thinking person would think it sensible to bring either of these men back.

Under their leadership we have seen a rise of crime and the fear of crime, we have seen the unfettered influx of illegal immigrants and the proliferation of illegal shanty towns, we have an economy in peril and are locked into a recession that they have been unable to see a way out of.

Quite frankly they have failed! The only thing they can offer now is the same song and dance that has us in this mess we are in today!

This childish game between Mr. Ingraham and Mr. Christie must come to an end. We as a nation cannot afford the constant back and forth when real substantive changes must be made.

If anything is obvious in this country with the many problems we face it is this: we cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again! This insanity must stop and we must look to new leaders who can and will bring change.