Michael Foulkes must remember he is on thin thin ice and should tell us what happened with FARMER’S MARKET MONEY when he served as CHAIRMAN of BAIC!


Michael Foulkes should be the last FNM to speak about DECENT PEOPLE! He should explain to Bahamians why he ran out of FLORIDA! I guess we gata tell yall that story!

Michael Foulkes

NASSAU| The Disgraced former BAIC Chairman Michael Foulkes should be the last person in the garbage pile talking ’bout people.

I wonder if Michael Foulkes needs BP to remind the nation why he got fired from BAIC!? I just wonder if he needs us to remind him why he is no longer practising in FLORIDA?

I wonder if BP needs to remind Michael Foulkes how he could not explain how  [BAIC] Corporation’s Farmer’s Market programme under his leadership was more than $150,000 in the red. With Thousands more funds missing, the profit and loss paperwork could not be found or handed over to the Minister for Cabinet to examine.

I don’t want to have to revisit for Michael Foulkes that troubled SCANDALOUS moment when he hauled ass out of Florida to hide like a church rat in the Bahamas. Foulkes, you want BP to remind the nation how you stopped practicing in FLORIDA? Remember now, we have the files!

You keep it up! Mr. STICKY SWETTY PALMS you better go sit down, talking fool! YOU HAVE NO DAMN SHAME!

We report yinner decide!