Michael Pintard is worried about votes being bought when he himself was for sale in the murder-for-hire plot with Toogie and da BOBO!


Duane Sands is on camera bribing voters!

Duane Sands has a history of buying things while campaigning.

NASSAU| In this morning’s daily, the soon-ousted Leader of the FNM, Michael Pintard, went to great lengths to suggest that the PLP was buying votes on the ground in the West Grand Bahama and Bimini Constituency.

And, while making the claims this morning, the FNM was flying in voters for its rally in West Grand Bahama. Everyone is for sale, eh?

When FNM National Chairman Duane Sands was buying votes on the ground in the 2010 Elizabeth Bye-Election, where was Michael Pintard’s concern?]

When Pintard himself – as then-FNM National Chairman – was paying Toogie and Bobo $50,000 to be hired in a murder-for-hire plot and scheme, where was his concern in buying things?

When just last week his FNM General James Vega was in the back of the polling station on West Grand Bahama admitting to giving voters money less than 100 yards from the voting booth, where was Michael Pintard:s concern about that? Talk ’bout buying votes?

The FNM is for sale these days and the FNM voters are selling to the highest bidder!

CUT-yinner-know-what is coming for the FNM! It ain’t long nah!

We report yinner decide!