Michael Pintard shall become the Free National Movement polls show…


Northern Bahamas and particularly Grand Bahama say – “Give US PINTARD”!

Youthful FNMs say give us Michael Pintard!

Pintard most likely will be elected as the FNM’s next youthful Deputy Leader!

Freeport, Grand Bahama – A BP breaking report coming right now out of Grand Bahama confirms Michael Pintard will not only enter the race for the Deputy Leader post within the Free National Movement, but he is now BP’s projected front runner for the upcoming national party’s conclave.

The Deputy Leader position became vacant after the current Deputy announced her challenge for the leadership of the Party.

BBB Analytics can now project Pintard, who is presently a Senator in the Parliament, will clinch the number 2 spot hands down against his nearest rival, Duane Sands.

Our polls show outright in the communities of the north, in particular in Abaco, Grand Bahama and Bimini, hardcore supporters say they are coming together to support the youthful Pintard who is now being branded as the real future rising star within the Party.

BBB Analytics poll was conducted over a two-week period and had a sample size of 200 respondents.

A sample of this proportion only represented a maximum margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 per cent. The poll showed that the Pintard’s core support is now at its highest at 68.5 per cent, followed by Sands at 23.7 per cent, with the remainder 7.8 per cent undecided.

When asked who would be most effective in attracting young voters back into the party, some 60% said Pintard would deliver a better formula to carry on a resurrection of the huge youth vote which abandoned the party in the last election.

The shocking data revealed Pintard having a handsome 80% support out of the Party’s bedrock supporters on Grand Bahama.
When asked who would best serve to assist the new Leader, again

Pintard’s dedication to the present Leader, was echoed as being best able to create a better and more cohesive team to go into an election. Questions in this area proved that Sands was not only not popular enough to form that needed cohesion, but many respondents believe an election with Sands in the post would further create tensions and foster an inability of the party to garner the needed support for a general election.
The polls also showed Sands did not carry the national appeal to the youth voters polled and that he would not attract the needed loyalty lost by the party in the last election.

BP is watching these events and took off today on the ground to bring you this breaking data…

We report yinner decide!