Minister Dorsett speaks to garbage pileups around the country left by the FNM


New Environment Minister Ken Dorsett sets the record straight!

Press Statement by Minister for the Environment

STATEMENT: Upon taking office in my ministry three weeks ago I found that there are some challenges with the Department of Environmental Health and the timely collection of garbage around the island.  One of the challenges is the fact that of the Department’s fleet of 22 garbage trucks only 12 are operational. This is one of the issues that I intend to tackle as the Minister responsible. I will speak further to this point as well as all the other areas of my ministry in my 2012-2013 Budget debate contribution.

However, the non collection of garbage in certain areas of the island over the past few weeks has been brought to my attention and  I would like to inform the general public of the result of my inquiries.  The Department of Environmental Health has informed me that garbage collection has been delayed due to the increased occurrences of inclement weather in the capital. They are making their best efforts to resolve this backlog by this weekend.

I would like to apologize to the members of the public for any inconvenience caused by this delay.