Minister for Investments, Immigration and Financial Services Brent Symonette has tendered his resignation from Cabinet effective Monday…

Minister Symonette and PM Minnis.

BP BREAKING| A surprise announcement will come following BP’s shocking revelations involving contracts awarded to Brent Symonette’s Bahamas Hot Mix. While he sat inside Cabinet, he was awarded – with the blessing of Prime Minister Hubert Minnis – multiple Million-Dollar deals.

We are now learning the Minister for Investments, Immigration and Financial Services will formally leave the Cabinet of the Bahamas and tender his resignation.

The news is expected to come this Monday as a major deflection from the failed 2019/20 Budget exercised which exposed dangerous austerity decisions by the government as they commit a slash and burn exercise on the Bahamian taxpayer.

On Thursday evening, Foreign Affairs Minister Darren Henfield announced the government’s decision to improve conditions at the Passport Department. And, shortly following those comments in tge press, BP exposed how the Cabinet of the Bahamas is about to make the grand announcement of moving that same passport office into the Town Centre Mall.

Brent Symonette as many of you know is again the beneficial owner of the Town Centre Mall which last year was awarded a five year lease at $900,000 a year in rental space to the Post Office. Details of that lease is yet to be made public.

Minnis and Symonette should hang their heads in ‘dutty’ shame for their damnable abuse of the public purse. $2.8 Billion borrowed in two years and all we got was higher taxes…higher unemployment…no real investment and blackout after blackout with BPl…

They all should resign and carry dey you know what!

You got it first on Bahamas Press…Brent Symonette to resign from Cabinet come Monday….

We report yinner decide.