Minister Laing Addresses CC Sweeting Youth Ambassadors



Minister of State for Finance and the Public Service the Hon. Zhivargo Laing addresses the C.C. Sweeting Jr. High Youth Ambassadors Programme Assembly under the theme: “Leaders of Today the Keys for Tomorrow” on Monday, November 12, 2007 at the school’s campus, Gregory Street. (Photo/Raymond A. Bethel)
By: Gena Gibbs
NASSAU, Bahamas – Minister of State for Finance, the Hon. Zhivargo Laing addressed the student body at CC Sweeting Junior High School Monday, encouraging the youngsters to practice responsibility, accountability, and decisiveness at an early age.

Minister Laing addressed the students as part of the school’s Youth Ambassador programme, under the theme: Leaders of Today, The Keys for Tomorrow.

Commending the school on its successful programme, Mr. Laing advised the students that life is about choices and choices end up with consequences. He drew several analogies drawing from his life experiences to show the students how a foundation rooted in discipline can direct one on a path of good judgement.

Minister Laing concluded his address by encouraging the students to pursue a godly lifestyle marked by respect for authority.