Minister Ryan Pinder must be the laughing stock of the Bahamas!


Do they believe in Bahamians as they do foreigners?

The new laughingstock of the Bahamas! Minister Pinder is now questioned by BP as to if he is willing to uphold the laws of the Bahamas!

The President of UBS was also stopped by Immigration officers and he complied politely to Immigration Officers the same morning his JACKASS colleague at UBS allegedly cussed out Immigration Officers

Emmanuel Fiaux a staff worker at UBS Bahamas who is alleged to have cussed out Immigration Officers following a roadblock.

Nassau, Bahamas — Minister of Financial Services Ryan Pinder IS NOW THE LAUGHING stock of the Bahamas, and is being scoffed at in UBS.

Sources deep inside the bank tell us, staffers could not catch themselves laughing at Pinder, who raced down to the Bank to apologize after Emmanuel Fiaux – a staffer at UBS – was stopped by Immigration officials.

Fiaux, according to Immigration Officials, allegedly cussed out officers and refused to show them his immigration card.

But get this, also stopped by officers that same morning was the President of UBS who presented his Immigration card without incident.

And while officers didn’t throw the Jackass Fiaux in the bus with the rest of illegal residents, he drove himself to the Detention Centre and was there only after he was cleared by Immigration Officials. He didn’t get what the Cubans got, nor at any time were officers rude or mean to him.

Bahamas Press wonders if Minister Pinder ever visited the US Departure Terminal, which informs Bahamians and all persons using the facility that if you attack or cuss out an officer there it is met with automatic arrest and a fine of $10,000.

Pinder needs a 101 class on how to support Bahamians first, especially immigration officers who, in the middle of the night, keep – like police – this country safe from terrorists who seek to destabilize this city.

Since when must any Minister of the Government apologize to some “foreigner” for being questioned by a figure of law who protects this nation?!

What got into the Minister to apologize after the officer was unwarrantedly cussed out by someone being investigated for the safety of all?

Ryan Pinder must know NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW! He must learn how to defend the policies of the Government! He should advise all sectors of his ministry where heavy numbers of foreign workers reside that at all times they should comply with local and international rules. Try cussing out someone at the US Departure Terminal and see what ga happen to ya! I bet Fiaux would not try it! So what made him do so to the Bahamian officers!

Bahamas Press also asks Pinder when he gets a chance to stop at the Tribune who started this story – and ask them why they have still after 100 years in the Bahamas –  a FOREIGNER sitting as the managing editor. Ya think they on the side of Bahamians?!

This is not good for the Minister.

Bahamas Press supports the Immigration Officers and to hell with the Minister and the Tribune! CAUSE YA GATA WONDER SOMETIMES IF THESE PEOPLE ELECTED BELIEVE IN BAHAMIANS!!!!




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