Bradley Roberts turns up the heat on FNM Peter Turnquest

PLP Chairman, Bradley Roberts

by Bradley B Roberts

The Progressive Liberal Party is heartened and greatly encouraged by the arrival of the Sunwing flights from Edmonton, Canada to Freeport today. This is indeed a good day for Grand Bahama and signals the beginning of the economic resurgence of Grand Bahama. The Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Grand Bahama and the Hutchinson Group are to be congratulated for their hard work and tenacity in opening the Memories Resort, Grand Bahama, operated under the Five Star Blue Diamond brand.

My mother always said that it is better to remain quiet and have people assume you are a fool than to open your mouth and confirm their suspicion. This adage is applicable to the member for East Grand Bahama Peter Turnquest whose party, the FNM, was a dismal failure in reviving the economy of Grand Bahama while in government. Is Mr. Turnquest suggesting that the project manager for the renovation project was incompetent and never should have led this project? Should the project manager be fired for his incompetence in meeting the deadlines after assuring all of the stakeholders that the hotel would be ready for the inaugural flight from Edmonton? Did Mr. Turnquest ever consider that perhaps the government’s biggest mistake was allowing his brother Lionel Turnquest to lead this project? He should think before he speaks.

The Hotel Memories would be open in a few days, but instead of expressing hope and optimism for the people of Grand Bahama, he chose to crow and grandstand in hopes of gaining some sort of twisted political mileage out of the delay in the hotel opening; what inappropriate behavior by a public official especially when the person in charge of getting the hotel opened was his brother Lionel.

This is reminiscent of the December 27th of last year when this same Peter Turnquest was on social media crowing with irrational exuberance and grandstanding like some junkie in the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Fox Hill. No condolences were offered to the families on the loss of loved ones, just raw political bluster and relish.

Some unsolicited advice to Mr. Turnquest: in the current circumstances, if you are not prepared or incapable of offering a word of encouragement and optimism to the people of Grand Bahama on this good day in light of their prolonged suffering and struggle, perhaps you should remain quiet because your carpet bagging antics offer nothing of value to the people of Grand Bahama.




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