Ministerial Pillow Talk and Church Services Get You Ahead


Nassau – Just when we thought you had your fill of the “Duncey Debbie” business, we have another zinger for you. Duncey Debbie uses her Ministerial Pillow Talk skills to get to the top and she is not alone. There is a certain media boss, who has been in the business of pushing the agenda of ministers shamelessly to move up to places on the job that she is not remotely qualified for. She recently got a promotion and that we can tell you she is definitely not qualified for.

The Media Boss, who is one year away from retirement age, had a birthday on the weekend and all Cabinet Ministers were present. She arranged a roll call at the church’s front door where only the Prime Minister MOST HONOURABLE EVER was missing. She commanded all her on the job informants to come to the same service. Now das something, eh?

During the F.N.M.’s campaign leading up to election, the MOST EVER Dr. Minnis said that no Cabinet Minister or MP would ABUSE his or her privileges at a top media house or they would be answerable to him and dealt with. [WHAT A TON A HOT AIR]!

That is yet another campaign promise added to list of campaign promises broken by the MOST HONOURABLE EVER government. This Media Boss makes sure that her media house is used at will for Cabinet Ministers’ needs – which they whisper to her during pillow talk sessions. 

You would remember this Media Boss from the rather scandalous and entertaining divorce she was part of that had its documents aired in the tabloids. 

Well, that scandal had her down for a while, along with other things, but now that she has convinced the F.N.M. government that she is really an F.N.M. (BP is not convinced but we will release that in Part II), she is determined to be the Cabinet Ministers’ call girl. Yes, they call her up and she puts them in the news, while da PLPs dem can’t even get an interview inside the top media house – WELL, WHAT IS DIS? 

No wonder that media house is at the bottom of the barrel with Eye Witness News stomping all over it daily. All it does is spit out the FNM’s lies like a child defecating on the floor, leaving a trail behind while spotlighting Cabinet Ministers who have no qualifications or training to do their job just like the lady Media Boss [WHAT A STENCH]!

Instead of running the country or going to visit their constituents who they have been ducking since elections, big Sunday they sitting up in church celebrating the life of the Bahamas’ most deceitful and petty woman! Come to think of it, she is just like MOST HONOURABLE EVER! 

So the big pay off was that the Cabinet Ministers all showed up to her birthday church service to make her look good while, in exchange, she pushes their false, fake LYING ‘DUTTY’ agenda against the People!

While all of this was going on, Minnis was busy trying to prove to the country that he was not sick and did not go to hospital. Minnis was sick! This FNM government is doomed to failure and so are all of its old and jokey, bedroom comrades. When these tables turn, B.P. will be laughing in the corner with a cold Kalik and some conch fritters.

It ain’t LONG NAH!

We Report and let Yinna Decide!!