Ministry of Education and Club Med workers murdered over the weekend – BP UPDATE!


21 year old Onieka Johnson a security officer at Club Med is the country's 92nd murdered victim.

Murder Count Now Stands AT 92!

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press has now more information into two of the country’s latest murders.

We can confirm 27-year-old, Stefan Fowler, was shot dead in the Bain Town community. We also know the deceased was a clerk at the Ministry of Education.

Sometime late Saturday around 11:30pm, while walking through a track road between West Street and Hospital Lane, Fowler was killed. Information received noted that he got into an altercation with another male and was ambushed and subsequently shot to death by his killers. The Hospital Lane resident was taken to hospital via private vehicle where he succumbed to his injuries.

Another incident, which unfolded in the quaint community of San Salvador, confirmed the discovery of 21-year-old, Onieka Johnson.

The young woman was a security officer at the Club Med on that island. It is alleged, she was fatally stabbed to the neck while on-duty Saturday night. Her attacker is said to be at still at large.

Police want to talk with this man 20-year-old Garrison Pyfrom, in connection with the death of 17-year-old Courtney MCKenzie over the weekend.

Both incidents in our report Sundays followed the murder of a 17-year-old woman, Courtney McKenzie, on Friday.

The young woman has just severed her relationship with a young man who is still on the run following her murder. Her attacker is a resident of New Providence and hails from the Montel Heights area.

The man now wanted by police is said to have approached Mckenzie at the time of her death, where he fatally stabbed her almost a dozen times about the body in a jealous rage.

Residents need not concern themselves with the spiraling crime wave as both Hubert Ingraham and Tommy Turnquest have said that persons being murdered are known to each other, and they are all criminals killing up one another. Therefore, there is nothing we in civil society should concern ourselves about. WHAT DEEP THOUGHT!

Papa and his chief goon ‘Da’ tycoon have gone fishing on the July Rock, while the nation is engulfed with slaughter!

We report, Yinner decide!


  1. It is time for us to pray like we’ve never done before,if the crime does not cease,our country is in deep,deep trouble and only god could help.COME ON PRAYER WARRIORS,LET’S PRAY THESE DEMONS OUT.TO MANY OF OUR YOUNG PEOPLE OUR LOSSING THEIR LIVES SENSELESSLY.MAY THE FAMILIES FIND PEACE IN THE MIDST OF THEIR STORM.

  2. why yall trash one another not everything is the church or our government there is something call common sense,and jesus just pray for those familys and the nations as a whole my god carrying on those,not help noone but the devil people let love another gods mercy my bless

  3. I send my sincere condolences to the families and friends of the most recent murder victims. This madness has to be stopped. The murder on San Salvador is especially distressing. Not only did an industrious young woman lose her life but, it happened at a world famous resort . Patrons who were there would most likely tell their friends how dangerous the island is and, affect the tourism which sustains San Salvador.

  4. Condolenses goes out to the ladies trajically murdered at the hands of wutless Bahamian men. It still amazes me how these young men frig up their lives and expect young ladies to accept them as they are. Not only accept but dam marry them in their sorry condition.

    Based on what Ive heard, the young lady of 17 was playing house with a wutless Bahamian man who had no job and no dam future, with the full knowledge of her wutless parents. I cry SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE ON HER PARENTS for allowing giving their precious daughter to this SWINE, this piece of DOG-MESS, THIS COWARD.

    RIP our Bahamian gems. May God avenge your death.

  5. How is the count at 92 bp? i thought the last murder was the hepburn man which stood at 87. now with these three murders wudnt it be at 90? plz correct me if im wrong

  6. Kim Why you worrying about these people, Papa and Tommy told us already the people killing up one another are all criminals. So why fret?

    • Yes Kim! It is really depressing! Many of these victims are so young, had their whole life ahead of them…..! Where is the outcry from the church….or this isn’t as important as gambling?

      • REALTALK why you worrying about these people? Papa and Tommy told us already the people killing up one another are all criminals. So why fret?

        These incidents are not the worst of the worst or is it the rarest of the rare!…


    • regardless of what our smart prime minister and tommy says, all of the victims of crime are not themselves criminals, that was proven this weekend with the deaths of these young people who were taken so early in the prime of their lives……or are we looking at our people now as collateral damage. what is going on in our country. even if these yong women were criminals, them being killed by another is still not justifiable. my sympathy goes out to the families of the victim may GOD guide, lead, and protect you in this your time of bereavement.
      ps…for the TRASHY who is bashing the victim from exuma parent..STOP IT! have a heart they just lost their child for GOD’S sake. a lot of time our young people do not listen to their parents, who knows if the parents were against this relationship. so they may have tried, so dont throw stones…

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