Minnis Government BREAKING UP Boxing Day JUNKANOO NOW? THE PM must now take charge like Ingraham did with Charles Maynard!


Bahamas Press will call for the axing of Michael Pintard and Basil Dean if the rain forecast is a hoax! THE SHOW MUST GO ON AS PLANNED!

Nassau – And so at last report we are learning Junkanooers connected to the Valley Boys pulled out meteorologist Basil Dean to predict the weather.

Dean has now convinced Boxing Day Junkanoo organizers to jack-up and bust-up Junkanoo by announcing a possible chance of rain will come. And therefore, the parade will be postponed to 8pm on Tuesday evening. What in da Hell Is Dis?!

Now this will be the first disaster of the Minnis Government with the breakup of the fans Boxing Day parade. We are already hearing how some guests to the island who bought tickets will be leaving the island by the time the new time is set. Dean you would remember could not even correctly forecast the coming of Hurricane IRMA; and caused New Providence residents boarded up when not one drop a rain came.

We at BP remember when the late Charles ‘Charlie’ Maynard was the Minister of Culture. And while standing on Bay Street in heavy rainfall one Christmas morning he got a call from then Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham which told him loudly over the phone, “Do whatever you want. Stop the rain if you can, but under no circumstances cancel this Boxing Day Parade as it is annually scheduled and planned. Ya hear me?” Now that’s leadership!

Maynard hung up the phone with plenty; “yes sir… yes sir… yes sir… yes sir!” And immediately came the announcement that year, that Boxing Day Junkanoo will happen exactly at the hour it is held every year come rain or shine! But looks like PM Minnis – Who is a BIGTIME JUNKANOOER – can’t make the same kind of decision!

Now, Basil Dean must be working for the Valley Boys, who has picked the number One Spot for the parade. And this would mean that the group’s costumes must be on Bay Street at 3PM today. Are they ready? NO!

But get this: BP right now is reporting blue sunny skies not just in New Providence but also in Miami and we have no forecast WHAT_SO_EVER that suggest what is being reported by Basil Dean.

We believe if this parade is delayed and stopped – to be rescheduled for 8PM Tuesday – both DEAN and Minister Michael Pintard should be axed before the New YEAR!

We report yinner decide!