Minnis Government finds it hard to accept that Christie Government Grew the Economy and created 32,000 jobs in five years…


The Minnis-led Cabinet!

Nassau, Bahamas – The Christie Government created some 32,000 jobs in its last term in office and brought the unemployment rate down. DEY WERE FIRED FROM OFFICE! Da Minnis Regime was hired and, since MAY 10th, has begun a TERMINATION/ firing exercise, left, right and centre!

Minnis DEM placed a freeze on all new hires and announced that CONTRACTS WILL NOT BE RENEWED!

It is agreed by economists inside and outside the country that these SCANDALOUS ECONOMIC DECISIONS of austerity could trigger a recession in the Bahamian economy, slow growth and cripple the pocketbooks of many.

Who yinner think would run the country better now? Remember: It’s da People TIME…But WHICH PEOPLE?