Minnis Government TELLS ANOTHER LIE!….AGAIN!


Minnis say he did not give Saxons permission to rush…so how did the police get on Bay to divert traffic Sunday morning – WHY THE LIE?

Statement on false social media reports

PM Minnis

The Office of the Prime Minister is aware of false reports circulating on social media that the Saxons Superstars Junkanoo Group received permission from the Competent Authority to
hold a parade on Bay Street.

This report is untrue. The Competent Authority has not issued permission to the Saxons or any other Junkanoo group to hold a parade.

As announced last month by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, all Junkanoo parades have been postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and based on the advice of
public health officials.

(BP EDITORIAL: How could the Minnis Government not be aware of the parade on Sunday morning when police were present and diverted traffic off Bay Street many of whom were attempting to get to church on Sunday morning? And the police diverted BP! So why LIE!?)

15 December 2020
Office of the Prime Minister
Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Contact: opmcommunications@bahamas.gov.bs
Website: www.opm.gov.bs