Minnis Government to table new Emergency Order – to lock down movement until April 30th, 2020…

Montagu beach on Lockdown.

NASSAU| Well, we are learning Parliament has adjourned to March 31st when a revised STATE of PUBLIC  EMERGENCY ORDER is expected to be tabled. 

PM Minnis, who moved the last order, cried how someone in his CABINET leaked the order they discussed just hours before it was brought to Parliament. 

On Tuesday during the Cabinet Meeting Attorney General hinted how an extended order could come into effect if the government deems necessary.

Well, now we have another leaked order. We believe it is the intent of the Bahamas Government to extend the Emergency Order -THREE into the 30th day of April 2020, being an additional period of thirty days.

We shall see these developments. 

The order limits the movement of citizens who are presently unemployed as major properties have closed their doors and laid off staff.

We report yinner decide!