Minnis last straw is to now block new FNM Leader Pintard from top Opposition Leader in Parliament job…

Adrian Gibson, Hubert Minnis, Kwasi Thompson and Iram Lewis.

NASSAU | Four FNM MPs can still block new FNM Leader Michael Pintard from becoming Leader of HM Loyal Opposition.

PM Hubert Minnis is now afraid of losing his security and vehicle as Leader of the Opposition. Minnis is scared of becoming a
Local citizen havibg to drive himself without protection.

The former PM can stall the appointment of Micheal Pintard from becoming Opposition Leader in Parliament by convincing Adrian Gibson, Iram Lewis and Kawsi Thompson from having GG Smith appoint Pintard.

Sources tell us Pintard plans to quickly appoint new Senators in a major shakeup of the party.

We understand Duane Sands has been considered for the job as Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate and future Chairman of the FNM at the next Convention set for early next year.

Ousted former PM Minnis could not be reached for comment over the weekend as his marionette Kwasi Thompson suffered a crushing defeat by the Pintard and team.

We report yinner decide.