Minnis’ People’s Time Government hires an Australian to set up the Anti Corruption Unit inside the OAG!


Carl Bethel DEM hired two African lawyers who could not get permission to practice at the Bahamas Bar!

Attorney General Carl Bethel.

NASSAU| The Cabinet of the Bahamas has moved forward with the appointment of a former Australian Prosecutor as a Consultant Prosecutor here in the Bahamas.

Now many should recall BP’s report of the departure of many Bahamian professionals in the Office Of the Attorney General [OAG] but now foreign persons are being hired.

BP can confirm the Bahamas Government has contracted the services of Scott Collins, a newly hired Consultant Prosecutor in the Office of the Department of Public Prosecutions [ODPP].

Collins is now contracted to set up the Anti-Corruption Unit inside the OAG.

We reminded you just a few months ago about the hire of two Africans, who were engaged by the Minnis Government to assist the DPP within the department and who were not even called to the Bahamas Bar in order to be able to practice here. WHAT IS THIS?!

You mean Minnis dem are so eager to get rid of Bahamians they don’t believe we are able to successfully manage our own legal business in this country [SOME SHOULD READ THE AGREEMENT WITH OBAN AND SEE WHAT WE ARE SUGGESTING HERE]. We wonder how many Bahamian legal minds are watching these developments?

Ah boy! As we have said more than once we have no confidence in Carl Bethel being Attorney General but hey – THIS IS THE PEOPLE’s TIME!

Meanwhile, the ODPP is set to relocate into its new office space in downtown Nassau in Charlotte House.

Its da People’s TIME!

We report yinner decide!