Minnis planning a takeover of the FNM in 2023 – and will go as far as inviting the Governor General to appoint him Opposition Leader next year!


BP SUNDAY SPECIAL: Pintard must move quickly to remain the leader of the FNM!

Hubert Minnis and Opposition Leader Michael Pintard. File Photo.

NASSAU| The vultures of war are quickly engulfing the Free National Movement and this week proved that the days of Michael Pintard holding on to the leadership may be coming to an end.

Pintard, in a swift reaction to the destabilizing tactics of former disgraced FNM Leader Hubert Minnis, brought things to a head this week when he axed Vice Chairman Robert Johnson and blocked him from attending any future meetings of the party’s central council. How constitutional that decision was is yet to be seen. 

The move has sparked an unholy war deep inside the party with Johnson wildly attacking the Chairman and MCM members as he took to social media.

Others described Party Chairman Duane Sands as a “Snake” – and we must agree with that description. But that comment came from a criminal snake (supported by Minnis). But this gets worse.

Bahamas Press has learned that polling numbers deep inside the northern community of the country confirm that Minnis has a commanding control of delegates in the north, particularly on the ground in Grand Bahama. In just one year the sitting leader of the FNM (Pintard) has lost support on the island he represents. This is serious. 

Pintard is comforted by the fact that he still has commanding control of party officers in New Providence. But, while this is good, New Providence is not THE BAHAMAS! And we don’t believe this will be enjoyed for too long.

In islands as far south as MICAL, Hubert Minnis has been in constant contact with senior party delegates, promising them the moon and stars when he returns as leader of the Party in opposition. But it gets worse.

This past week a coded message was sent to Leader Pintard suggesting that he will be “cut down to 3FT and will still be standing.”. What does this mean? The opposition only has seven seats in Parliament. Right now BP can confirm Minnis has the support of three of those members (Kwasi Thompson, Iram Lewis, Adrian “56 counts” Gibson). That was the reason for telling Gibson to not resign his seat.

Minnis made his support evident when he drank from his Starbucks cup this week as Kwasi Thompson spoke in Parliament; seated right next to him. Minnis almost never does that, especially when he is not speaking. 

Right now Pintard only has two MPs who support him (Adrian White and Shannondor Cartwright). This is a problem.

And what are we saying here? We are sending a warning to FNMs: a CHANGE IS COMING TO ITS LEADERSHIP in 2023.

Now we know many will dismiss BP’s claims. They will call it fake news. But guess what? ONLY BP told you that there will be an early General Election in 2021 when Minnis lied and said elections were due in 2022. 

But we ga leave it there for now and tell ya – WE REPORT YINNER DECIDE!