Minnis takes vaccine and nurse is not wearing gloves…


NASSAU| So I want ya’ll to look carefully at the exercise of the PM taking the vaccine this afternoon.

We at BP are not medical doctors nor has anyone on our team practised medicine, but we want you to make these observations as the nurse gives the PM the jab:

  1. Gloves were not worn as vaccine was administered.
  2. View of actual inoculation was blocked due to the person administering the shot standing in the way.
  3. The Prime Minister Jumped even before the shot was administered.
  4. The ‘nurse’ went from person to person and did not sanitize her hands in between administering the shots to other persons.
  5. Hand of nurse blocked the view of shot actually penetrating the arm.
  6. With Covid protocols no gloves worn? And this is a nurse?

Let see who is the CONCH today.