Mitchell: Bennett Minnis wallows in ignorance and stupidity…


The Editor
The Tribune

17 July 2019

The PLP believes that the point was properly made in The Tribune’s editorial of even date about the conduct of Bennett Minnis, Member of the Board of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, who engaged in a homophobic, racist diatribe by voice note. In the news pages, he doubles down on his conduct and words, quite proud as he wallows in ignorance and stupidity.

This is a tough world and politicans have to put up with all kinds of abuse in the cut and thrust of the political arena. However, despite the disgraceful public debate which comes to us from our northern neighbour, we in that country and this, say there are certain statements which have no place in public dialogue. One is homophobic slurs and dog whistles. I call that the last refuge of a scoundrel. When you cannot meet the arguments with reason, you demonize and de-personalize your opponent.

Then there is the racism. This is all the more shocking because Mr Bennett is himself of African descent. Even today, in Europe people are fined at football games and sometimes banned for calling Black players monkeys. The irony then of a Black man like Mr Bennett seeking to demonize another Black man, our Leader in that disgraceful manner.

The Government must remove him if he refuses to resign.

We therefore agree with the sentiments of your editorial. We think the point we make is not self- serving but is of general applicability.

The final point is his threat to breach the peace if we the PLP decide to return to Long Island and no policeman can stop him, he said. We shall see because we intend to return to Clarence Town asap.

Fred Mitchell
Progressive Liberal Party