PM Minnis and Sen. Mitchell

The 2021-2022 budget communication recently delivered in Parliament by Prime Minister Minnis further demonstrates how out of touch this uncaring and inept government is.

Dr. Minnis is detached from the struggles of ordinary Bahamians.

The Budget boasts of millions of dollars spent for Hurricane Dorian recovery efforts in Abaco and Grand Bahama. Hundreds of Bahamians remain homeless, jobless, and waiting on supplies. Dr. Minnis and the FNM have failed to explain to the Bahamian people exactly where the millions of dollars went and who benefitted.

From all accounts, the lion’s share of the millions of dollars allocated for small businesses throughout the country went to a selected few FNM families, friends, and lovers. Ordinary Bahamians received the crums and hundreds remain frustrated with the application process.

The Budget is yet another example of this government’s way of creating a problem and then seeking praise for seemingly presenting a solution.

The facts are clear.

The bad decision making of this FNM government caused an increase in COVID-19 infections and related deaths. There has been gross mismanagement. Dr. Minnis’ dictator-like leadership and the restrictions placed on Bahamian businesses have resulted in a high level of unemployment and thousands of Bahamians are now hurting with little or no money. One of the first things Dr. Minnis did when he came to office was burdened Bahamians with increased taxes.

The Budget offers tax exemptions for those building or repairing homes and businesses in a number of our family Islands. The reality is – other than a few handpicked FNMs, the majority of Bahamians on those islands have no money to buy supplies that would warrant the exemptions.

This government’s practices and policies have forced people to literally go broke over the past four years and now with general elections near, Dr. Minnis wants to appear to be a saviour. We have a prime minister now divorced from the poor and far removed from the realities of everyday life for ordinary Bahamians.

Dr. Minnis and his highly paid officials can pitch the big numbers all they want. In the FNM’s own uncaring and delusional minds, this 2021-2022 Budget hits a general elections home run. In a matter of months they will find out that Bahamians will not be fooled this time.

The Budget is a mark of a failed and reckless government. It mirrors the selfish political ambitions of a prime minister who rose to power on lies and false promises. Page by page and line by line, this Budget looks after an elite few, throws short term crums to the many, and racks up even more millions of dollars in loans that will impact this and generations to come.

Dr. Minnis and the FNM have failed the Bahamian people.

They must go.