Mold conditions at Centreville House exposes staff to serious health risks!


Centerville House.

Nassau – A TB scare has once again rocked Centreville House complex, a building that houses the offices of Urban Renewal, United Shipping and The Gaming Board of the Bahamas.

BP can confirm some 30 staffers in the building were exposed to the airborne infectious bacterial disease earlier in the year. All had to be treated. But in this latest case, a female has been hospitalized with tuberculosis.

“All the workers in the building share the same elevator and stairs. We are all being exposed and nothing is being done to have the working conditions looked into. For example, there is a serious case of mold thoughout this building. People are reporting in sick all around the complex. And nothing is being done!”

The building once housed staffers at the Ministry of Tourism, but, after a report confirmed the conditions inside, Tourism moved out. The revelations in that report were never revealed to the public and Gaming Board and Urban Renewal moved into the property without proper advice.

Now that people are getting sick, we wonder what they will do?

We report yinner decide!