“MONEY FINDERS” in Grosvenor’s Close – Foreigners scamming Bahamians out of Hard Earned Money


VAT PSA 17 from King Of Hearts Media on Vimeo.

Scores of persons have complained how they paid $200 service fee but never got their loan…

Scores of Bahamians are being scammed.

Scores of applicants have been denied after funds taken….Newspapers adverts must be questioned by URCA!

Nassau, Bahamas — BP has been on the ground investigating and has found out that MONEY FINDERS, an alleged money lending institution, has been conning Bahamians out of their hard earned money.

Money Finders preys on desperate, broke Bahamians by telling them that no banks are involved and that loans are guaranteed to be approved by “private lenders”. When Bahamians go to apply for these loans they are charged ABSORBENT, NON-REFUNDABLE “application fees” based on the amount they are attempting to borrow. They give their last expecting to get the loans but only to find that’s the last they will see or hear of their money.

Get this! As usual, some white-faced, female foreigner is running the office while Bahamians work there in cahoots with her screwing their fellow Bahamians out of their hard-earned money.

What BP wants to know is WHERE IS THE POLICE in all of this?? If the news has gotten to BP then how come the police has not shut down these scammers as yet. Is it because the face of these FRAUDSTERS is white??

BP has spoken to several people who have gotten duped by this place. BP decided to investigate further and found out that this company does not just prey on broke Bahamians promising loans, but also on unemployed Bahamians and Bahamians who are losing their homes due to these harsh economic times.

Money Finders has advertisements in the daily WUTLESS, USELESS rag sheets luring the unemployed to come in and register with cash for guarantee jobs, telling those who are losing their houses that they can save them for a fee and promising loans from private lenders for a fee. What in da hell is dis???

BP calls on authorities to shut this place down and stop this madness. Bahamians should not be scammed in their own country by white foreigners assisted by Bahamians. MONEY FINDERS must be shut down!!

We report! Yinna Decide!!

PSA 18 from King Of Hearts Media on Vimeo.