Money Missing from Bank Accounts at Holy Trinity Church…Auditors discover only $15,000 left on Church Bank Account!


Archdeacon_1<<< Etienne Bowleg.

Nassau, Bahamas — The saying goes, ‘ A liar is a thief and a thief is a murderer’. When we remember this saying we are reminded of the revelations coming out of the Church of the Most Holy Trinity on Trinity Way in Stapledon Gardens with its disgraced former rector of over 30 years, Etienne Bowleg.

On March 3rd the Supreme Court of the Bahamas proved Bowleg to be a LIAR as he fought the bishops of the Anglican Church by filing an injunction to prevent the men of God from removing him as rector of the parish. Bowleg kept lying to everyone, suggesting he is 65, but records in the records department proved him to be over 70. The court proved Bowleg lied about his age and that he had indeed surpassed the retirement age as set out in the rules of the Church. This is a damnable sin against God and man!

Bahamas Press believes now is the time for leaders in the faith to decide whether or not the former rector should stand trial for what is now unfolding from an audit of the books in the parish.

BP along with both our legal and forensic teams have had a chance to get an update on this shocking revelation now underway and what we hear and see if it is indeed true, would mean that while the former priest was a LIAR, someone in that parish with access to funds in the church is indeed a THIEF!

A source looking into the financial said, “Preliminary information coming to our attention tell us something is indeed wrong with the books at the church. We now know with a church having operated for more than 30 years in the community, less than $15,000 is on its operating bank account. We also know with the fact that since the parish has a large membership and is known to be in the top three parishes in the diocese when it comes to collecting money, this revelation is indeed shocking.

“We are now tracking bank records to see when, if at all, other funds might have moved out of the Church account and if so where did it go. This is a taxing process and we know church members are awaiting our findings.”

Bahamas Press was also told contributions to charity in the community was less than $3,000 a year. “For a multi-million dollar parish this is also shocking news,” the source said.

So where did all the church money go? And could this be the reason why Bowleg stalled so long lying about his age? How could a parish of long standing in the Anglican faith only have $15,000 on its bank account? And if the church only give out less than $3,000 to charity a year, where did all the money collected in the parish go? And how could for a church with more spirit than the Baptist allow for the devil to be seated in their midst for so long? To us the questions are mounting and the story riveting.

Signs of Change have already taken root in the parish however, as for the first time in 20 years the young people of The Most Holy Trinity participated in the communion’s Mothering Sunday march to the Cathedral Sunday before last.

BP is appalled to hear of the shocking news coming out of the Church of the Most Holy Trinity and we cry SHAME on the man whom the courts of the Bahamas have found out to be a DAMN LIAR! And now auditors are discovering someone could be a THIEF.

Boy some people could play church nah.